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Welcome to Colin's Classic Automobiles

WARNING: Make no mistake, this is a small operation, in fact most call it a "hobby business." Because of that, and since I am usually on the road doing car stuff, I'm hardly ever near a phone. As hard as I try I can not keep up with the volume of phone calls and messages in the abbreviated visits to my office. Because of this, the best way to contact me and get a quick response is via email using the contact link above. If you email me I promise a speedy response- thanks!

Now, the rest of the story:

I founded Colin's Classic Automobiles to offer the quality of collector cars and service that I found to be sorely lacking in this world of fly-by-night operators and self-proclaimed "experts." While first and foremost I am a car collector, I also sell a small number of the best, premium quality cars to discerning buyers- most coming from my personal collection when I run out of room or change direction. Feature articles on me and my dealership in the New York Times, USA Today, Sports Car Market Magazine, Automobile Magazine, and Business Week, among others, suggest I am not alone in appreciating this ideal. In 2012 Autoweek named me as one of the automotive industry's "Movers and Shakers" for my contributions to the collector car world and writing, including the three (and counting) books I have authored on collector cars.

As such, let me share some thoughts with collector car shoppers in general: These days who you are buying from is as important as what you are buying. Chances are, because of the small number of cars I sell, most people that visit this site won't end up buying a car from me. So my advice for anybody looking to buy a collector car is to be diligent. Educate yourself on the particular make and model you seek. Do your research. Investigate. Ask the tough questions. Align yourself with a trusted expert if you are unsure. They say next to ones home their car is the second biggest purchase they will ever make. I disagree. I say the second biggest purchase is a collector car! Think about it. I see people spend weeks analyzing on-line new car guides and negotiating with new car dealers across the country to save five hundred bucks on a new Honda for their wife. And then I see these same people at collector car auctions bidding away on cars they know nothing about. Hmmmm. I've been doing this a long time and hate seeing people get burned. Take your time. Buy the best. Trust me, nothing stings worse than finding out that shiny new collector car in your garage is really a turkey and you're stuck with it. Ouch.

Browse my current inventory on the listings page. As mentioned, I could be the lowest volume collector car dealer on the planet, so it won't take long to see what I have up for grabs- if anything. But I am constantly working on my own collection and you never know what I will decide to sell or like enough to bring home for resale. I thoroughly research the history of every car here, and before offering one for sale perform a complete, meticulous mechanical and cosmetic inspection. I fine tune them to work as good as they look, too. I will happily share what I know about any car with you, faults and all.

While you are here, make sure to visit my "Private Collection". Some of my favorite vehicles from my own collection are profiled in this section for your viewing pleasure.

Service and Restoration Services:
When I started in business some 20+ years ago, all I did was restore and service high end cars for many prominent collectors. As my business grew, my time available to restore cars shrunk. Over the years I have added a small staff of the best restoration guys in the business. For years the number one question my customers asked was if I could service and restore their cars. As a result, CCA now offers complete service and restoration services. We do it all, from basic maintenance to full blown restorations, and even vintage race car development and track support. Unlike other shops, we don't "farm out" work- it is all done right here in-house and I oversee every job to make sure it meets my standards. And don't think we just "talk the talk." CCA restored cars have won countless show awards and chalked up thousands upon thousands of trouble-free race and rally miles. Isn't it time you let us make your static display into something you can truly enjoy? Email me to get on the schedule, or to tour our state-of-the art restoration facilities.

If I can help you find a car, let me know If you are searching for a particular collectible vehicle and you don't see it here, don't worry. I have connections throughout the hobby and often help find cars for people that are never advertised. I offer consulting and inspection services as well. If interested, drop me an email at

Thanks for visiting my virtual garage!

Million-Dollar Muscle Cars

by Colin Comer


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SHELBY: The Complete Book of Shelby Automobiles/ Cobras, Mustangs and Super Snakes

by Colin Comer

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"It has been my experience that some folks in the classic car industry "over promise and under deliver!" Not the case with Colin's Classic Auto!"

Dan Weltman | 1971 Mach 1 429 Cobra Jet

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1965 Shelby 427 Cobra

1965 Shelby 427 Cobra CSX3134: CSX3134 is one of just 260 original 427 Street Cobras produced. It is not a reproduction or continuation car. Early in the production run, Shelby was unhappy with the appearance of the wide-hip competition body when fitted with the street 7.5 rear wheels in place of the competition versions 9.5 wheels. The solution? After the 25th car was produced a modified rear fender configuration was introduced. These cars (including CSX3134) are known as narrow hip cars. Sh...

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